Margot Mckinney. Courtesy of NY Social Diary.

Our Woman Crush this Wednesday is the talented Margot Mckinney who we are thrilled to have in Atlanta once again. A dear friend and esteemed jewelry designer, the Australian beauty will join us this week to share her new collection of precious jewels at Neiman Marcus. Mckinney draws inspiration for her designs from her extensive travels, and for jewels often turns to her native Australia where many of the world’s finest gemstones are sourced. Her artful designs are cheerful, bright, and full of heart—a reflection of McKinney herself who for years has been a generous supporter of the arts community in Atlanta.

Read more about Margot’s inspiration below and find the perfect colorful addition to a clean spring look.

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Margot McKinney Desert Dreaming Collection. Photo by Mannfolk PR.

JL: With a family legacy of over 130 years in fine jewelry, how do you stay continually inspired? 

MM: I find that there is so much to inspire me – from the extraordinary gems with which I work to the wonderful women who wear my jewellery so stylishly.

JL: Where are you looking forward to traveling most this Summer?

MM: I have a desire to go back to Positano and Capri this year – the lazy days and stylish evenings are divine!

JL: What do you love about wearing jewelry in the Spring?

MM: I love the colours of Spring and how everything is fresh and new. My jewellery is very much all about colour and it feels so refreshing to wear mandarin garnet, pink tourmaline, opals and pearls with a pretty new spring outfit.

JL: The business has grown immensely under your leadership, and demand for your exquisite work has exploded in recent years. What does your next project look like? 

MM: My Margot McKinney business has grown enormously in the last few years about which I am very excited. At the moment I am working on a new collection featuring Australia south sea pearls which are the finest pearls in the world. The lustre and the baroque shapes are so inspiring and this collection makes me very happy.

JL: Fill in the blank: If I die while shopping, I’d like it to be at ____ with ___in-hand.

MM: If I die while shopping, I’d like it to be at Neiman Marcus of course with lots and lots of silver carry bags in-hand.

Jada Loveless, Neiman Marcus Atlanta, Margot Mckinney

Jada Loveless with Margot McKinney at Neiman Marcus.

Margot McKinney, Jada Loveless, Desert Dreaming

Margot McKinney Desert Dreaming.

Margot McKinney, Jada Loveless, Lustre Collection

Margot McKinney Lustre Collection.