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Jane Fonda for Net-A-Porter Magazine, shot by Nico Bustos

As we honor all the inspiring women around the world today, we want to share Net-a-Porter’s recent interview of the iconic actress Jane Fonda where she reflects on self-care, aging, and 50 years of activism. While there is little the two-time Academy Award winner has not conquered on screen, we are especially inspired by Jane’s relentless drive to affect change in the world. Though now living and working in Los Angeles, Jane called Atlanta home for many years and continues to work tirelessly for women here. She has dedicated herself to educating young people, amplifying female voices and providing a range of resources through her foundation, the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP), which we have been honored to support over the years.

On International Women’s Day, enjoy a peek into Jane’s inimitable 79 years and join us in celebrating and empowering women everywhere.